Understanding DAMO

Reverse Vote-Escrowed token that unlocks voting power in the protocol
Controlling DAMO allows for greater control of the protocol. DAMO delegations control DIV asset weights, as well as personal reward tiers.


reDAMO is a system of staking $DAMO to accrue voting power. reDAMO increases continuously from the moment $DAMO is staked, and is calculated as a function of (i): the amount of $DAMO initially staked
(ii): time since the staking event
With this novel mechanism, DAMO unlocks an ecosystem of value. Simply, DAMO unlocks and aligns the incentives of users to participate in the composition of decentralized investment vehicles and favors early participants. In fact, it favors any participant willing to stay for the long haul, regardless of capital.
DAMO is a true governance token, allowing users to in real-time alter DIV asset allocations. As the balance of our DIVs rises, the demand for DAMO should as well. This is due to the increased number of market participants looking to command their views on asset allocations, as well as additional participants looking to max out their rewards.
More poetically, DAMO is the medium through which the most optimal DIV allocations, and thus returns, can be achieved.