DeFi focused portfolio

What is $HAID for?

$HAID is essentially a token that is collateralized by other LP tokens. Because it is backed by real underlying value, $HAID can always be returned to the protocol to retrieve its underlying value. Therefore, $HAID can only be created when assets are deposited. If there are $0 in deposits, then there will be 0 $HAID in existence.

How does it work?

The protocol incentivizes three user groups: yield-seeking investors, arbitrage traders, and risk-averse investors.
Yield-seeking investors are heavily incentivized to deposit their liquidity and seed secondary markets with their $HAID. Consequently, they receive exposures to a portfolio of assets and yield accumulated by those assets, both from their original LP deposit and their $HAID LP, essentially earning yield on the same asset in 2 places.
Risk-averse investors are incentivized by the simplicity in buying a single token that provides exposure to an entire sector, and knowing that it is safe because it is 100% backed by real underlying collateral.
To tie it all together, this demand creates a perpetual premium on selling $HAID back to the pool, and therefore very high trade volume that can be reflected in real liquidity rewards to users. As LP rewards in the $HAID/$WETH LP pool will be denominated in $HAID, this means rewards will be quite literally in LP tokens, which can be redeemed for any of the assets in the DIV. (Arbitrage)
$HAID tokens are 1:1 backed by their deposits. Therefore, you can return $HAID tokens in exchange for a representative amount of an asset in a DIV. Tokens shown in the pool are for demonstration purposes only. DAO will continuously vote on the composition of the DIV.
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