How DIV allocations work

Vote to Add New DIV Assets

In order to vote on a new asset being added to the DIV, participants can preemptively deposit this new asset. After a certain liquidity threshold is reached, this new asset will be added to the pool and early providers will be rewarded proportionately.

Vote to Change Asset Weights

Use reDAMO to vote on asset weight changes. Snapshots will be taken weekly to initiate rebalancing. Upon an allocation change, deposit/withdrawal incentives will be initiated so as to naturally sway deposits and withdrawals in favor of the new allocations. This also presents an opportunity to achieve additional rewards. For instance, if one asset has a balance below its target allocation, there will be a bonus for depositing assets there, and vice versa.
Voting will be launched early in Q2 2022 after staking is established. Full press release on implementation coming later this month