Investment wherein a user simultaneously buys and sells an asset to profit from price discrepancies.


AMM stands for Automated Market Maker, in which they incentivize users to become liquidity providers in exchange for a share of transaction fees.


Capitalization is the process of liquidity providers exchanging their LP tokens for DAMO at a discount.

DAMO Token

The governance token for the DAMO Protocol.


DAMO or DAO-operated Asset Management Organization.

Decentralized Investment Vehicles (DIV)

Decentralized investment vehicles offer diverse exposure in the few clicks of a button.


Locks are the process of locking up your assets for a period of time additional yields


Forging is the process of creating a DIV token


Polls are the mechanism used to propose alterations to the portfolios along with the management of the DAMO protocol.

Protocol Owned Liquidity

Protocol-owned liquidity is enabled by the capitalization method. Capitalization involves the owner of the LP token selling it back to the DAO for a discount. This makes the protocol have the highest % of the LP pool. The protocol facilitates most buy and sell transactions and accrues revenue for providing liquidity.


Staking cryptocurrencies is a process that involves committing your crypto assets to support a blockchain network and decentralized application. In this case specifically aligning the protocols incentives to allow for DAMO members to be properly rewarded for participation.


sDAMO is staked DAMO.
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