Protocol Rewards

The good stuff

HAID Rewards

Since the underlying collateral for DIVs is 100% LP tokens, the protocol primarily accrues LP fees. In turn, the protocol deposits these fees into its own DIV and mints additional $HAID. This $HAID is then made claimable to depositors. LP'ers should receive, at a minimum, their normal LP fee APY that they would have received had they kept their LP instead of leveraging it in the protocol. Additional $HAID can be earned by protocol-owned $HAID/AVAX LP fees, which will be redirected to DIV depositors for additional incentivization.

DAMO Rewards

$DAMO is rewarded as additional boosts and as a method of incentivizing asset allocations. Each week, a variable amount of $DAMO will be emitted to various parts of the protocol, mostly concentrated on DIV assets. LP'ers and Governance Pass holders stake their reDAMO on assets they want more or less allocations of in the DIV, and consequently, more or less $DAMO will flow to those assets.
Total APY